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Start Guide for members


Follow the instructions on how start working with investment website is user-friendly and easy to understand. However, if you have any question like how to open your account, deposit, withdraw and more, please follow the step-by-step guide.

1. Get your account register

To open an account, click on the SignUp link on our website and click on the “open an account” button. As soon as the page comes up, enter your personal information, with your email address and chosen password, and that’s it. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive a confirmation from us, and you’re done. You’re now an official member of our system.

Once you’ve opened an account, the next thing would be to familiarize yourself with how different sections of your account works. To start, go to the login page and enter your registration username and chosen password. As soon as you’re logged on, you can explore your account and get a feel of how everything works, such as making deposits, initiating withdrawals, etc.

Here are some of the crypto currency wallets for the common use:

Different Type of address you should have for the different payment system. A crypto address is an identifier of 26-35 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3, that represents a possible destination for a Bitcoin payment.

There is address formats in common use: Examples are following

Perfect Money account - starts with U33657969
Payeer Account address- start with P1057267367
Bitcoin wallet address- 3JHCmtpQCEhD9t7twhnCmUqhwRz4pVydRy
Ether wallet address- 0x2ef3a8e0f3d9993d9648f43ec316294e310eddbd
Litecoin wallet address- LeM2Nw27FzJ7UqYztyY698sJvs95Bh7Bvs
Dogecoin wallet address-DKe5CZShroDbGDme9222QgqVvVDoTMuNrn
BitcoinCash wallet address- qqgkqganvd72yptj578w4cafve37p3fu8545xhtmlk

Note:- Mostly all wallets now offer segwit supported address but still if you receive the error of invalid address for the address that provides for the deposit, contact our support team via live chat support or E-mail.


Once you have registered with, login to your account and go to the "Make Deposit" section. All you need is to select the suitable investment plan for you and enter the amount of your deposit in term of BTC, not less than $50. Depending on this amount the system will automatically place your deposit according to the selected appropriate plan. Select radio button in pay from External Processor transfer and click Make Deposit. Now the system offers to send the deposit amount to the payment address of the company accounts. You can send any amount (but not less than $50. You should make this deposit from your external wallet. To do this, click on confirm and use that page for sending the fund for your deposit. The user can have multiple deposits on any investment plan that offers at any time.

3. WATCH HOW YOUR INVESTMENT GROWS WITH uniqueness lies in the fact that profit is accrued every hour as per the user selected investment plan that we offer. After the attachment of your deposit in your account dashboard, this process of earning every hour is endless, and you can stay the company's investor as long as possible. Deposit is working on an ongoing basis, and brings profit every hour, 7 days a week. Note that profit is accrued at intervals of 60 minutes from the deposit time; accrual time coincides with the time of addition of deposit to your account. If the user has multiple deposits in the account, the earnings from the separate deposit will generate as per the time of the investment. Please also note that the company's server works in the GMT zone. The exact server time you can check the top of the page.

4.Withdraw your profits Every Hour

To get the payout, you have to make an appropriate request in your account. Go to "Withdraw funds" page and enter payout amount that you want to withdraw. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $20 (For Perfect Money and Payeer) and $30 (For Crypto currencies). Once your request is made, the system will process it instantly and the regard fund is sent to your payment wallet account instantly. The user can decide the time of withdrawal. offers you the service when the earnings are generated every hour not only that but withdrawals are sent every hour too. Now it's not compulsory to withdraw every hour. The user can withdraw the balance anytime user feel comfortable. charge no fees for deposit or withdraw operation.